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Silver Necklaces

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  1. Long Mimosa Necklace in Silver

    Pop a bottle of champagne and mix up a mimosa while wearing this impeccable sterling silver mimosa long necklace. It's perfect for the carefree girl who loves to run wild in her couture. It compliments any bold colors with the CZ crystals luminous shine. 22.5"/57.5cm chain drop Made with 925 Sterling Silver and White CZ Crystals Rhodium Plated One Size
  2. Black Tube Necklace in Silver

    Stay fresh with your fashion! Take a chance, but keep it classic with the silver and black CZ crystal tube necklace. The delicate tube pendant sits horizontally across the chest and dazzles every which way you go. Handmade for perfection, the necklace has a design to please the modern eye and still stand the test of time. 11”/28cm chain drop 2.25”/6cm pendant Made with 925 Sterling Silver and Black CZ Crystals Rhodium Plated One Size
  3. Seahorse Necklace in Silver

    Almost mystical, the seahorse is a fascinating creature with magnetic allure. This handmade sterling silver necklace does it all the justice and gives you an amazing look in the city or on the beach. The glimmering silver seahorse pendant is complete with clear CZ crystals covering the body and a two-tone black and silver form. Look great and feel the sea breeze at any time! 8”/20cm chain drop 1.5”/3.5cm seahorse Made with 925 Sterling Silver and Clear CZ Crystals One Size
  4. xoxo Necklace in Silver

    This adorable rose gold necklace spells out the ultimate symbol of love! Hugs and kisses, indeed! The XOXO necklace puts the famous letters together, emblazoned with bright CZ crystals to make a beautiful pendant. Complete with a delicate cable chain necklace, this sterling silver necklace makes you love shine! 9”/23cm chain drop .75”/2cm pendant Made with 925 Sterling Silver and Clear CZ Crystals Rhodium Plated One Size
  5. Snowflake Necklace in Silver

    Winter wonderland can be worn anytime! Love the delicate nature of snowflakes? The sterling silver snowflake necklace has a simple and polished look. Bright and happy with clear CZ crystals, the snowflake pendant is held by a beautiful cable chain. The snowflake is a pure sign of individuality, so fly your beautiful colors with this fashionable handmade favorite! 8”/20cm chain drop .75”/2cm snowflake Made with 925 Sterling Silver and Clear CZ Crystals Rhodium Plated One Size
  6. Square Choker in Silver

    We all know of the choker necklace from the 90's that we all use to wear. Well since the 90's is trying to make a comeback, meet the choker's more stylish and more sophisticated older sister, the Square Choker. This necklace will sit around your necklace with structure. With a chain attached to the choker, you can wear the chain in the front to create a layer look or in the back for a cool back necklace look. Made with Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated 5" in Length 7" in Width 16" chain attached
  7. White Butterfly Necklace in Silver

    Classic, beautiful, and covers with clear cz crystals Amorium’s new Sterling Silver Butterfly necklace is the next best thing for the newest arrivals for this season. Be the showstopper in the room as this piece can easily be worn with other sterling silver pieces. Made with 925 sterling silver Rhodium Plated Clear CZ Crystals 8"/20cm chain drop” .4”/1cm butterfly charm
  8. Heart Disk Necklace in Silver

    Crafted with shimmering cubic zirconia crystals set in 925 sterling silver, this necklace is a great way show off how big of a heart you have. Whether you’re buying it yourself or for a loved one this necklace is sure to send the right message. 15/16”/2.5cm pendant, 8”/19.5cm chain drop Made with 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated CZ Crystals One Size
  9. Hollow Heart Necklace in Silver

    Outline your affection with the handmade hollow heart necklace! A simple line of white CZ crystals curves around to proudly display your feelings in one little shape. What better way to be a beaming beauty than by wearing a rhodium-dipped sterling silver necklace with your favorite shape? Let yourself glow with your new beloved necklace! Made with 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Clear CZ Crystals 9”/22.5cm chain drop 1”/1.5cm pendant
  10. Triangle Line Necklace in Silver

    Play with shapes and redefine your style with the Silver Plated Triangle and Line Necklace. A delicate 12" chain leads to a cool paved triangle pendant that attached to a 3.5" chain leading to a cz crystal paved sterling silver bar. A 17.5" total drop add dramatics to your favorite summer crop top or plunging V-Neck CZ Crystals Spring Cord Clasp 12" Chain drop 7"x1.25" pendant to pendant 18k Rhodium Plated
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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